Uden titel. 110 x 86 cm

Ulla Kristiansen-Kølster, born on the island of Ærø, living in Svendborg: - Painting to me is throwing away all cautiousness. It is to disengage oneself from all authorities, external as well as internal. It is entering a psychic space, where everything can have a new beginning. Where colours can be made to interact with one another. Or rather, if one succeeds: made to fall silent together. Persistent attempts to connect the temporal with the eternal in order to create a primordial tone best describes my method. I create, so to speak, primordial images. That is, obstinate efforts to evoke mute reminders of a different rhythm. My circle of inspiration touches upon the philosophic and the religious, the prehistoric, the metaphysic and the literary. The all-important motivation, though, is the landscape - that which is visible, as well as the one that lies within.